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(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q- How much does it cost to attend GA?
A- Nothing. GA groups pay their expenses through anonymous donations from members.

Q- Many GA meetings are held in churches.  Is GA a religious program?
A-  No. GA rents the rooms it uses for meetings. GA is not allied with any religion.

Q- Can GA help me to control my gambling?
A- No. GA's purpose is to help you to stop gambling.

Q- I belong to another 12 Step Program.  Can't I just use that knowledge to stop gambling?
A- GA has great respect for other 12 Step programs. However, over the years we have seen many people come to GA finding that their gambling problem could not be arrested in another program. The understanding and support one compulsive gambler in recovery gives another seems the key to abstaining from gambling.

Q- How long do the meetings last?
A- Most meetings last between 1 1/2 and 2 hours with a break about midway through the meeting. However, members can come and go as they need.

Q- What type of people attend GA?
A- GA is attended by a wide range of men and women of all ages and backgrounds brought together by their common desire to stop gambling.

Q- Are GA meetings like the 12 Step meetings I see in the movies where you have to go to a podium in front of a large crowd?
A- No. Not at all. GA meetings usually consist of a small group of people sitting around a table. People share only if they feel comfortable in doing so.

Q- What if I see someone I know at a meeting?
A- If you were to see someone  you know, they would be there for their own gambling problem. The spiritual foundation of Gamblers Anonymous is anonymity. We ask all members not to repeat what they have heard or whom they have seen at a meeting.

Q- What is the difference between an OPEN or a CLOSED meeting?
A- An OPEN meeting is open to gamblers and/or supporters of gamblers. A CLOSED meeting may only be attended by those with a gambling problem.

Q- What is Gam Anon?
A- Gam Anon is a separate and totally independent fellowship for those whose lives have been affected by a compulsive gambler.
Open Meeting - Spouses or
 friends of a person with a gambling problem may attend.

Closed Meeting - Only those with a gambling problem may attend and participate. (Family or friends of Gamblers attending their first meeting may attend a closed meeting.)

Gam Anon - Is a separate fellowship for those affected by a compulsive gambler.